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tackling poverty through education & social welfare projects in the UK & abroad. 

KESWA Charity is appointing people of integrity and communal standing to be representatives in various towns, cities and regions. These key individuals will play an ambassadorial role for the charity. Supporters may enlist their help to;

Obtain /share information

Discuss sponsorship options

Acquire collection boxes or Deposit donations etc.

Provide feedback and Give suggestions

Please let us know if you would like to help KESWA as our Local Representative, Please get in touch with us via the Contact Page while this section is being updated.

Proposed Areas for Local Reps:

1. Batley

2. Bilston

3. Birmingham

3. Blackburn & Bolton

4. Bradford (Leeds-Rd area)

5. Bradford (Manningham area)

6. Coventry

7. Dewsbury

8. Gloucester

9. Leicester

10. London

11. Luton

12. Manchester

13. Nuneaton

14. Southall

15. Wolverhampton

The names and contact details of local Representatives

will be listed on this page in due course.