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tackling poverty through education & social welfare projects in the UK & abroad. 

Our History & Services

KESWA began in early 1980's as a result of encouragement and a sincere donation of £51.25 from the famous Jurist and Hadith Scholar Mufti Ismail Husein Bhikha, Kachholvi Sb. DB. Since then KESWA has flourished with generous support of our well-wishers. 

The collective efforts of individuals and organisations has brought us to where we are today. In the early days we dealt with -around 50 applications each year. Currently, we are processing over 1,750 requests for help from students, orphans, widows, the sick and disabled. Our Promotional events to mark 30-years service for Midlands, Yorkshire & Lancashire were insightful and inspirational. Needs & priorities change over time. We are planning similar events to seek views on the way forward for the future. 

EDUCATION: The importance of education cannot be over-emphasised. We assist disadvantaged students with scholarships. We support higher education students. We provide incentives to promote learning and help students and their families. 

SOCIAL WELFARE: We have various schemes to address social welfare needs of disadvantaged individuals. These range from small grants to widows & orphans to contributing towards cost of basic daily needs and medication for the sick & disabled.   

IDENTITY & BELONGING: There is a dis-connect between young people and wider society. There are deep concerns that lack of engagement often leaves young people feeling isolated and vulnerable to unhealthy influences such as anti social behaviour, radicalisation & extremism.


We wish to address this challenge through customised projects that will help promote engagement and a positive sense of belonging to British society.

Registered with the Charity Commission

of England & Wales under the Charities Act 1960. Registration Number 517494